Proficient in a wide range of design tools and software, I bring a passion for creative solutions that drive me to excel in all aspects of design, whether working independently or as part of a collaborative team. My skills encompass print, presentations, illustration, infographics, motion graphics, 3D modeling, animation, video, web design, and corporate branding.


New slides with Excel data, Photoshop image manipulation and image compositions, new illustrations, infographics and icons, 3D modeling and animation

AI Images & AI Animation

MidJourney (images), Photoshop (image manipulation), Pixabay (sounds), D-ID (animation), Adobe Premiere (video editing), After Effects (special effects) and Cinema 4D Lite (3D)


New illustrations animated in After Effects


Raster images, video, 3D models, illustrations and logos animated in Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite

Print Gallery

Advertising, Catalogs and Packaging
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Telephone: +1 718 986 6420